Ranking at the top of YouTube is not that much hard work, as many people think it should be. But here’s the thing, not many people understand this particular concept. They think that if they continue putting in the grin, they will sit at the top also. Yes, they might sit there, but there’s something that you have that they don’t have. And that is the right information. If you have the right information, then your odds of success are more possible than you thought.

It might sound like mere speculation. But we know that things are important, but not all are important. You have to be frugal with the kind of information that you use. The same thing applies to wanting to be one of the top-ranking videos on YouTube.

Stick around, and you will be educated in the most significant domino on YouTube ranking. In the end, we will be offering a bonus tip to supplement this particular secret.

Watch time

This is the most significant factor that will contribute to your ranking in any video search. It might be surprising that this pops up above all factors. But you want to understand that business is fighting for the one thing that makes them money: attention. Once you have people’s focus, then you have everything. You have their energy and what they will do with your videos.

YouTube doesn’t care about your video. They want to compete with other platforms and see if they can make them have a run for their money. The moment you think it’s about you, it’s the moment that you perish on the platform. More watch time means, or rather to YouTube, means that your content ought to be good.

In the end, it means the more your content has more watch time, the more the algorithm will work for you. Additionally, if you have the right SEO tools and keywords, then you are unstoppable. YouTube will be on your side all day. This is because you have a remarkably rare and valuable set of information that can be hardly repeatable. Plus, it’s being watched over and over. This means that everybody wins. The content creator wins and YouTube gets more engagement and energy.

However, this doesn’t mean that watch time is just clicking on a video. Your videos ought to be watched till the end for them to count. Free YouTube subs, in this case, can be used in this way to create more views on your channel. You can have more clicks on your videos, but they won’t count if not completed.

Once you have this in your locker, then you create the difference between you and the rest.

Bonus Tip

For those looking to enrich their position among other YouTubers, then you might consider producing quality thumbnails. This can serve you for a lifetime if you know how to use them correctly. The best tip you can use is to ensure that your image is clear and of great quality and that your text is concise. This will allow you to create that pause effect in your audience. Someone scrolling and searching for a particular content will be able to find your content if you work on this correctly.

We say this because, you know, it is hard to create a thumbnail. It is one of the most boring acts that you will ever perform. However, if you dabble by, you will not be able to reap the benefits when it comes to watching time. Thumbnails create urgency and desire for your audience to click on your videos.

From there, the only thing that remains is for the video itself to have value or to be entertaining. Otherwise, the user will just close away.