Did you know that the first money counting machine was invented in 1958 in China? Zhi Tian Sie who died at the age of 30, participated in a challenge and won in third place. The machine was later introduced in the United States in Washington D.C to help tellers in the Federal Reserve Bank.

Since then, the machine has been spread throughout the world and has made big steps in inventions. A lot of organizations have agreed it comes to saving time and reducing human errors. This is due to its ability to count mixed money, detect fake money and count large sums of money faster. Among other reasons mentioned below, here is why your business needs a money counting machine.

Gives accurate results

Money counting machines are most accurate when it comes to counting money, no matter how much there is. Banks, for example, invest in them due to the correctness in calculating money.

Saves time

Compared to a human being, a money counting machine can sort out money faster compared to a human being. Hence, this saves time and allows the business to engage in other activities in the extra time.

Detects fake notes

As they say, the error is human. A fake note can fail to be detected by a human being. However, a money counting machine can easily detect a fake note due to features it has such as ultraviolet rays and radiation.

Sorts out different currencies

A money counting machine can detect different bills. You do not have to sort out your money before placing it into the counting machine. All this will be done for you. Such a convenience!

Saves business resources

You have probably heard f companies that offer people to count your money, then you pay them in return. Instead of using your finances in the wrong way, you can easily purchase a money buying machine and save your resources for other relevant matters.

Factors to consider when purchasing a money counting machine

Before going for any machine you come across in the market, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you secure the nest. Consider the factors below:

Price range

A more expensive money counting machine has more features compared to a cheaper one. However, do window shopping before settling for a machine of your choice.


Different machines have different features. Those used by professional bodies have multi-function features that combine several in one.


Go for a machine that can easily blend into your business. You do not have to call for an expert to train you on how to use the machine. Some come with manuals, others have online support, and others have someone sent from the company to train how to use the machine.

In conclusion, always ensure you invest in the best money counting machine. It will save you extra expenses and losses that might occur in the future. Especially fake money, this can mess up your business.