With the global lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, making a living online became the order of the day. It might have been hard for someone who has been used to go to the office or workplace every morning to shift his or her focus and start an online business. Ideally, the only challenging part about online business is identifying your niche and the uncertainty about the business that you are going to succeed in. You just have to know how to do it right. Ask yourself what you are good at, or what you can make to build a lucrative online business.

Here are some ideas:

Selling goods online

This could be anything from selling your products, art, crafts, or food to being a middleman. If you can create a new product or have genius ideas, you can easily sell what you can make online. You would need a website and knowledge on how to ship products and a workable delivery system. You could also use your social media pages to market your products and to communicate with clients.

Social media influencer

Being an influencer is another great way to make money online, only if you understand the dynamics of social media and how to monetize your pages. It’s one thing to use your influence for fun, but it’s an entirely distinct thing doing it as a job. You only need to have a good phone, a laptop, reliable internet running a successful social media account, and also know the technical aspects like researching, curating, and creating content.

Blogger & writer

Content writers create most of the blogs, e-books, and articles that we read every day. Being a blogger relies on your writing and editorial skills. Bloggers create content for their websites and, once it has significant traffic, they can monetize it through affiliated links, sponsored content, ads, and consultations. If you can write something that people will enjoy reading, then this would be a great way for you to make some money online.

Videographer or photographer

If you have a good eye and can take good creative photographs or videos, you can make pretty much money, especially if you have an appealing portfolio that brands love and appreciate. If you manage to impress business owners with your craft, they will want you to create content for them.


This is talk radio and an excellent choice for people who are good at talking and have a smooth flow of thoughts. All you have to do is to create something worth listening to and have superb communication skills. Podcasts have been successful for people who know how to harness their niche. The good thing is you can use social media like YouTube to make vlogs.

Selling services online

This idea is all about the skill you have that others don’t. Are you good at coaching, writing CVs, consultancy, etc.? Then you can sell your services online. Find your niche and create a community that needs your services. You can also advertise your services on social media platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a successful social media presence like a YouTube channel or a popular blog, you can lease your traffic to other businesses by sponsoring content. The best thing about affiliate marketing is the more traffic you have, the more you charge. You can tailor your website to align with a brand’s needs for its specific target audience.

Freelance designer

Small and medium businesses do not create a budget for in-house designers and they, therefore, opt to source a freelance designer to do a one-time project and, if necessary, occasional follow-ups. You can create logos, design a website, design their visual content. You need to have skills in graphic designing and have a portfolio to showcase to prospective clients. And if you still wonder what is the easiest online business to start, you may just choose some design course, and very soon you will be able to make significant sums out of your craft.