Instagram stories for Promoting Your Biz

Instagram has launched a new feature with the title “Instagram stories” on 2 August, 2016. From its inception up till now, its popularity is growing day by day and is very famous among the Instagram users.

Recently Instagram has announced that the users of this feature have reached 150 million. With the help of this feature, the user’s can share the photos and videos , which disappear after 24 hours and don’t appear on the user’s profile grid or in their feed. Before you read on: Have a visit at our homepage, you’ll discover how to get followers on Instagram.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Market Your Biz

How Can You Use Instagram To Market Your Biz?

Many users of Instagram stories are using this fantastic for promoting the businesses and you can also do so. The benefits of using this amazing feature for business promotion are listed as under:

  1. You can show case your product at Instagram stories. You can show your product in action by sharing the videos or photos of your product in action or what is the benefit of your product and etc. you can also show case your new products on this platform. The discounts or other offers on the products for a day can also be posted on this platform which will have a pleasant effect on your business.
  2. You can also share any event or day at your business like if you are running a shop, and you are going to inaugurate a new section in the shop, you can share the high lights of the event in the shape of still photographs or videos.
  3. You can also celebrate the company mile stone like if you have reached the specific limit of the your sales like you have sold one million products, or you have reached your first anniversary or are celebrating the golden jubilee of your opening. This also shows the users that how your business is growing and you do have a good reputation in the market.
  4. You can also trigger any competition related to your business for a day on this platform and give a complimentary gift to the winner, which will give a great start to the new businesses or expand the goodwill of the running businesses.

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